?I thoght I was gonna have to buy a new system ? I didn?t.
Black's Cleaner showed me the problem and fixed it without much hassle. They saved me a ton, so I?ll definitely recommend them to all my friends.? ? Mike P


All of the work we do comes with a professional guarantee. Call us at 732-470-7878 (hot line) if you have any complaints or demands to improve,  We will discount 50% of your spending to us on that month.


Black's Cleaner operates 22 years at Civic Center of East Brunswick  NJ ,  Now renovates services by offering Eco Friendly and Heath safely dry cleaning services by not using PERC (Perchloroethylene) or any harmful chemicals.

New management has deep knowledge of all the cleaning agents which removes dirts, soils, stains from all different types of  Fabric materials.    With his intensive previous working background of developing cleaners and detergents, softner, stain removers, disinfectants, operating manger knows how to care of your fabrics. 

 We first care of your family health. We do not use any harmful chemicals for removing stains.  We use home use stain remover like baking soda, Vinegar, Pure soap, laundry detergents etc.